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Mr. Ross of Rossie
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Mr. Ross of Rossie

Historic Documents
David Oswald
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Mr. Ross of Rossie
Historic Documents
Mr. Ross of Rossie
This broadside, dating to around 1832, regards Horatio Ross. Ross was the Member of Parliament for the historic British parliamentary constituency called Montrose Burghs.

The broadside regards debate over the reform bill, which promised to provide greater voting rights for men across the country. The broadside defends him from what it asserts are false charges of political misconduct. The broadside reprints correspondence as it feels that this will clear Ross's name. It states that the charges began with a Joseph Hume, who has since regretted his words, but that these assertions have been revived. The broadside asserts that the slanderers want to deceive the Constituency of Aberdeen.

Ross declares that he is not attached to any particular party. He says that he supports Lord John Russel's reform bill but does not want something less than ideal passed. Ross indicates that he is not unhappy with a Tory Government.

In another letter, Joseph Hume expresses his dismay at the perceived support that Ross had of the Duke of Wellington, which he saw as contrary to the cause of the Liberal Government. Hume tells Ross that he has written to the Provost of Arbroath saying that Ross had given Wellington his support. Ross rebukes Hume for this, saying that he never actively supported Wellington, and had evidence of it in a letter already sent to the Provost of Montrose. Eventually, Hume admits his mistake for claiming that Ross supported Wellington in several letters.

This broadside was printed by J. Davidson & Co. of Aberdeen.
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