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Burgers Oath

Historic Documents
Costanza Careddu
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Burgers Oath
Historic Documents
Burgers Oath
A broadside reporting the solemn oath that the Craftsmen of the Burgh of Aberdeen were to pronounce when admitted to the Gild [Guild].

Since the burgers were to swear loyalty to Queen Anne, it can be assumed the document was created at the beginning of the 18th century, given that she Queen of Scotland from 1702 to her death in 1714.

Great importance is given to religion in this oath: only devoted Protestants - and absolutely no Catholics - were admitted in the Gild. A reference prohibiting Quakerism has been scored out.

The burgers also vowed support and allegiance to the magistrates and the Burgh and pledged themselves to act only for its profit. This, together with the commitment to pay the taxes and protect the Burgh from its enemies, is summarised with the medieval formula "Scot, Lot, Watch, Wake and Ward" in the IX article.

In a final note states that chirurgeons (surgeons), apothecaries, and barbers among others were not considered as members of the Gild but were only admitted "in sua arte", and therefore were not entitled to vote.

Aberdeen's coat of arms, or heraldic achievement, is prominently displayed at the top of the broadside.
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