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Treasure 3: Aberdeen Public Library Bye-laws, 1906

Historic Documents
David Oswald
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In 1906 the Public Library Committee of Aberdeen City created a series of bye-laws that outlined the management of the library and the behaviour required of all library users. Aberdeen City Libraries have retained a copy of the original document in our Local Studies collection.

The document is informative on the then organisation of the library and also provides an at times comical insight into the attitudes and lifestyle at the beginning of the century.

Bye-law number 38, in the general section, states: "No audible conversation shall be permitted in the Library rooms, nor shall any person be allowed to partake of refreshments, to whistle, smoke, spit, strike matches, or bring a dog therein. Loitering or rambling about the premises is strictly prohibited; and no person shall be permitted to lie on the benches or chairs, to sleep in any room, or to interfere with the arrangements for conducting the Library".

Bye-law number 23 states, in no uncertain terms, that: "On the occurrence of any infectious disease in their homes, Borrowers shall give up any books in their possession to the Sanitary Inspector of the Burgh, and shall be debarred from borrowing until they shall produce to the Librarian a medical certificate of health."

If you would like to read more of the library bye-laws please visit Local Studies in the Central Library. Just do not let us catch you whistling or rambling on the premises!
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