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Westerton Farm

Historic Photographs
Sarah Dyce
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A photograph, likely by James G. Kellas and from around 1951, showing one of either two farms known as Westerton. Both have since been demolished.

It could be the Westerton Farm that was located on the old road that preceded Provost Fraser Drive. Near where Provost Fraser Drive now meets Springhill Road, in the space between Provost Fraser and Springhill Terrace.

This Westerton Farm was demolished shortly after this photograph was taken to make way for the development of the Northfield housing estate.

Across the old road from this farm was the lands of Springhill House and Farm.

The other Westerton Farm was just to the north east of Northfield Farm and a bit south of Dancing Cairns Quarry. This farm was also previously known as Midtown.

Like Northfield Farm (demolished late 50s/early 60s), this Westerton survived the initial development of Northfield as a housing estate. Ordnance Survey maps suggest the farm made way for the construction of Marchburn Court, and the extension of Smithyhaugh Road, in the mid-to-late 1960s.

It is difficult to say for certain which farm this photograph shows. The hills in the background perhaps suggest we are looking west towards the more northernly Westerton, the one nearer Northfield Farm.
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