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The 'City of London'
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The 'City of London'

Historic Photographs
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The 'City of London'
Historic Photographs
The 'City of London'
The 'City of London' was launched in April 1844 from the yard of Robert Napier at Govan on the River Clyde, having been built for the Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company and designed by John Duthie, Jnr of Aberdeen. She was regarded as 'the largest and most magnificent iron steamship ever yet built in any part of Her Majesty's dominions' - with the exception of 'Great Britain'. She was constructed entirely of iron, but her deck and the ornamental parts of her cabins were fitted out in oak. She was 231 feet long and measured 1116 tons, and was powered by two engines each of 130 horsepower. This would make her one of the fastest vessels on the Aberdeen - London voyage. She had berths for 110 passengers, with spacious, elegant cabins. The salon was furnished with sofas and chairs covered in green Genoa velvet, while ornamental coloured glass and mirrors produced a warm light.
Her first voyage to London was in July 1844, when her cargo included 600 boxes of salmon and 215 cattle. Her return voyage was completed in under 38 hours - five hours faster than any other vessel had achieved.
By 1870, she was taken off the run, and disposed of. A new 'City of London' was launched in 1871, and she was an even faster vessel and used about 100 tons of coal on each return journey.
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