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Wallace Tower, Netherkirkgate
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Wallace Tower, Netherkirkgate

Historic Photographs
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Wallace Tower, Netherkirkgate
Historic Photographs
Wallace Tower, Netherkirkgate
Wallace Tower in the Netherkirkgate looking towards St Nicholas Church. The tower never had any connection with William Wallace. It is believed to have been the town residence of Sir Robert Keith of Benholm. The name "Wallace" may have been a corruption of "well-house". The Wallace Tower was re-sited at Tillydrone in the 1960s.

Silver City Vault user Ed Fowler suggests that the ornamental building shown on the left at the end of the Netherhirkgate, next to the horse and cart, is the Dyers' Hall.

The name refers to the Dyers' or Litsters Society who were once an important and wealthy industrial group in Aberdeen. Newspaper notices suggest the building was used as a public house, where societies regularly met, and that it, and other buildings, were demolished in around 1807 to make way for a new street between Union Street and Tannery Street.
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