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Duthie Park
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Duthie Park

Historic Photographs
Stacie Cocker
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Duthie Park
Historic Photographs
Duthie Park
A postcard image, likely from the early 20th century, looking east across the northernmost section of Duthie Park's Upper Lake, towards the bandstand.

As can be seen on old large scale Ordnance Survey maps, the northern section of the lake was originally lobed shape as visible here. It was made more cohesively rounded at some point in the mid-20th century.

This part of the Upper Lake has traditionally been used for pedalos.
Duthie Park
Aberdeen Local Studies
Silver City Vault user Ed Fowler has been in touch with his memories of boating on the lake:

"Paddle boats were propelled by hand cranked paddles with a common central axle. An anxious replacement crew queued at the pier demanding frequent turnover. Built for 2 passengers kids would often take another on-board behind the trees, out of sight of the boathouse supervisor.

I was such a stowaway and when told to disembark, after a couple of clockwise circuits, by Sandy, my elder brother, he failed to keep the prow of the boat tight to the bank. 'Jump!' he said impatiently. I leapt both doubtful and reluctantly, only to slip on the concrete apron and fall back into the water. Saturating myself from head to foot to the delight of all onlookers - including swans and ducks.

The suggested remedy was to lie flat and dripping fully clothed by the bandstand and wait for the intermittent sun to evaporate the water and hopefully dry me out - I could have died of exposure or pneumonia for all my brithers cared. I arrived home soaked and alone for a predictable bashing from my mither for mismanagement of my cast-aff clothing."
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